Home Crime and Courts 500 USD reward for wanted fraudster: Pics

500 USD reward for wanted fraudster: Pics

Basil Mapako beard

500 USD reward for wanted fraudster: Pics. A whopping USD500 dollars for anyone with information leading to the fraudster whom we have his pictures below. The man is wanted for stealing a Mercedes Benz diplomatically. Details of the wanted person below…

Basil Mapako

500 usd Reward for anyone who has information on the Whereabouts of Basil Mapako ( @keith_263 ) .. last known address 86th CR, Glenview 3, Harare..

Basil Mapako BenzHe is wanted for Defrauding someone a Mercedes c300 REG NUMBER ADV 7117..

Merc Anyone with info call Detective Matipidzi of Cid highlands on +263 7 74521871

Stolen Mrcedes

Source – Zimcelebs

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