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Rapper of the moment Holy Ten apologises to Kikky Badass


Rapper of the moment Holy Ten apologises to Kikky Badass for a diss track he did 2 years ago. The current man of the moment in the hip-hop genre Holy Ten has apologised to fellow rapper Kikky Badass for dissing her 2 years ago before he became this popular.

The rapper who has his singles hot on the market at the moment is on everyone’s lips and his songs have gone so viral. He is singing his own type of hip-hop and it has made the streets go haywire. Check his apology to Kikky Badass.

I would like to take this opportunity to unreservedly apologize to my sister Kikky Badass and all those who were affected by my diss track Back 2 Back. A track I released two years ago.

It is with a bowed head that I come before the public and Kikky to ask for forgiveness for what I said in that track. Though I had already taken a decision to pull it down already, the damage had already been done and other people had already downloaded it.
The 18-year-old Holy Ten had a very myopic view of society and a very idealistic conception of the rap game. I didn’t fully comprehend the impact such songs can have towards spreading hatred and demeaning my fellow sisters. It is from this position of my little influence that I am in currently that I now fully grasp the consequences of my actions.Kikky Badass

The wise have a saying, think twice before you say whatever you say for words can not be swallowed. Though I was an angry teen then when I penned that song it doesn’t erase the fact that it came from Holy Ten and I take full responsibility for my actions.
I promise to desist from making any diss tracks in the future because of the impact and influence music has.

Rapper Holy TenI also would like to make this plea across the Zim music industry that we desist from such practices, already our society is divided on political, religious and other lines. Can music be that one sector that pulls people together as it has done in so many countries?
Once again I apologise
Signed Holy TenūüôŹūüŹĹ

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Holy Ten

Source – MbareTimes

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