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7 things you need to know about Mukudzei Mukombe Jnr

Mukudzyi Jnr

7 things you need to know about Mukudzei Mukombe Jnr. Mukudzeyi Jr ,son of famed musician and entrepreneur Jah Prayzah has shocked Zimbabweans many times showing off his artistic capabilities. Jah Prayzah’s son Mukudzei Mukombe Jnr’s Rovai Ngoma which has amassed a staggering 142,937 views on Youtube.

He is seen to be following his father’s footsteps as he has many times proven that he has the “It” factor.
1. Mukudzeyi is a talented piano player. At just nine years old,a video of him playing the piano as his father sang in the background really shocked fans.
2. He starred in his fathers hit songs music video that has ranked over 1.2 million views in a period of a year.
3. In 2019, he acted in his father’s music video for the song “Mahumbwe” , in which he plays a young boy who bonds with a young girl and later on leaves the village to live in another, only to come back when the girl is dead.
4. A star in the making, Mukudzeyi sang his father’s song “Hokoyo” , at the shoot of the music video, in front of an audience available at the shoot.
5. Mukudzeyi, has released his own song entitled “Rova Ngoma” .Showing his talent, the video had over 300 000 views in a day!
6. At a braai festival in Mutate, Mukudzeyi surprised fans by singing his fathers hit songs.
7.He starred in the music video “Hokoyo”, in which he plays a son being advised by his father on the ways of life.

All these prove the level of talent Mukudzeyi has. We hope there is more where that came from!

Source – MbareTimes

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