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Health worker releases Covid-19 video

Health worker releases Covid-19 video. The Sydney based front-line worker who also doubles as a musician has since opened up in a reggae/conscious video titled Haungadaro. “The current situation in the world with so many deaths owing to Covid-19 pandemic and also the loss of loved ones and my failure to attend their burials due to Covid-19 restrictions inspired my decision to write such a song.

Australia based frontline health worker, Mabasa “General Bazuka” Ziyambi, says the loss of loved ones and inability to attend their burials due to the Covid-19 pandemic is unbearable. “Music is something I love doing and I will always make sure that I make up time for music production.

“Of course I get to be asked how I do it most of the times but I have no accurate answers for that,” he said. Asked how long he took working on the video and its audio and the choice of sites he chose, General Bazuka said:

“Working on this video started as soon as the song was finalised by my producer Casper Mpofu. “The choreography was centred on the pain of losing someone but also celebrating the lives of those who departed. “I think it took us a month to come up with ideas and adopting them

“The video was short at one of the best parks in Sydney Australia called the lizard log. The idea was to have a rural feel to the final outcome. “The videographer was Daniel Jones also based in Sydney Australia.”

General Bazuka also opened up on how he has managed to win the hearts of international dancers that he has roped in this video. “Having international dancers to me now is not a problem, I must say am now surprised how many of them want to work with me.

“Some of them just do it for the love of music. I always consider those that suit the style of music Aim doing at that time. The ones on this video are completely new.”

Unlike most artists who are stranded on Covid-19 induced lockdown, the versatile crooner promises more music before year-end. “We worked on a brand new jazz album with Faith Candy and my Australian based manager and backing vocalist Simba Antonio who also play the rhythm guitar.

“This album will be dished to the public soon. We are presently working on videos before its release.” On his piece of advice to fellow musicians who are itching for recognition and top honours after years of misses, he added:

“My advice to my fellow Zimbabweans is to always take time and know your audience. Do not try and emulate those who made names in life already.

“You can’t please everyone and at times some comments might be depressing but focus on the positive. “Try as much as possible to avoid jealous and hate, it’s crippling the music industry in a very bad.

“Art is dynamic, appreciate others and always be there as honest counsel not belittling others. “Finally, I would like to thank everyone involved in my production especially Taurai Mandebvu who helped with the backing vocals.”

Source – H-Metro

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