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NetOne reviews call tariffs

NetOne One-Fi

NetOne reviews call tariffs. In a development that will see NetOne subscribers paying $6.33 per minute to call other NetOne subscribers, NetOne announced that it will review its call charges effective tomorrow. NetOne also said a Netone subscriber calling other networks will pay 6.11 per minute.

Call Charge (Inc Tax) ZWL$/minute US$/minute
NetOne to NetOne 6.33 0.08
NetOne to Other (local) 6.11 0.07
Regional Calls Fixed 17.25 0.21
Regional Calls Mobile 23.55 0.28
Netone to UK Mobile 23.55 0.28
Group 1 Fixed 29.85 0.36
Group 1 Mobile 36.15 0.43
Group 2 Fixed 42.45 0.51
Group 2 Mobile 48.75 0.58
Group 3 Fixed 55.05 0.66
Group 3 Mobile 61.35 0.74
Service ZWL$ US$
Voicemail Retrieval 6.33 0.08
SMS: Local 1.63 0.02
SMS: International 14.23 0.17
USSD/Session 1.63 0.02
Data per MB 1.25 0.01

NetOne-Call-TariffsSource – Pindula News

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