Pic of the day: Officer caught sleeping with a woman on duty

Pic of the day: Officer caught sleeping with a woman on duty. A funny picture of a police officer sleeping on police station benches cuddling with a woman many are saying was arrested because of being a sister of the night has gone viral on social media.

We know these people sometimes abuse their office power and use it for other personal activities that will cause problems for their jobs if caught but this picture right here is something else. We can not say they had just finished the adult game and were resting when the sleepiness got the better of them no.

Maybe it might be a case of cold. Maybe they decided to cuddle because they were warming each other. We dont know we are just speculating. Things that happen in Zimbabwe will shock you.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Zim doctors salary slip leaked: Pic

Zim doctors salary slip leaked: Pic. A payslip of a doctor has suggested that some doctors are getting ZW$9 448.98 as their salary. The picture is all over social media and its such a shame that people who are fighting this dangerous disease are only paid these nuts for a living.doctors strike

The irony is that doctors earning these crumbs while political elites make millions through corrupt deals will…Learn more.

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