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Urban groover Sani Makalima drops new album

Urban groover Sani Makalima drops new album. Sani Makalima is one of the pioneers of urban grooves in Zimbabwe. In an interview with H-Metro, Sanii said the album was dedicated to the heart-broken who never had a good chance at love.

“Brokenhearted is an album about a man who is now lonely and has had his heart broken and it speaks about all the hurt, pain and confusion that he went through. RnB singer, songwriter and producer Sanii Makhalima is today expected to drop a new album titled Brokenhearted.

“It has a collection of songs that speak about the love that has gone sour among other different stories but in essence, it’s the same situation like what has gone wrong, what did that person do and what did not work out. “It sums up a story about the little things that transpired in the guy’s life, so you find out that the videos that I will put across are mainly centred on the message rather on the person.

“Basically, B-rokenhearted speaks of a person’s pain and to a person’s pain,” Sanii told H-Metro. Asked what really inspired him to work on this album and why it is all about love songs, he explained: “To be honest, I have always been writing love songs, sad songs and happy songs but this is a collection of my songs that I have been putting together and I have been writing for a couple of years now and some I had already written and some of the songs there are actually new.

“I write based on what I see in society, I try and translate somebody else’s pain into my own pain and some of the songs and stories I write are sometimes based on my own pain as well from previous past experiences and interactions with people.

“So, that is what inspired me to do it but to be honest, the name of the album was inspired by fans. “I saw these memes going around that Sanii only releases music when his heart is broken, whoever is dating Sanii must break his heart so that he can write songs for us and this is where it came from, it came from the fans.”

Sanii’s B-rokenhearted album consists of 10 tracks namely Hazvichaita, Why, Is it over, Julian King kana Sanii, Yuhwi Mahwe remix, Dzave ndangariro, Every day, Let me go, With these arms and Wega.

In some of these songs, Sanii featured artistes such as Nox Nguni, Julian King, Five-nine and also comedienne Mai TT. He also promised to drop a single sometime later on this year but right now is working on more social media content.

“For this year, I will be working on more social (media) content and I might release a single later on in the year but definitely around about February and March I will be releasing the next batch of singles in June in line with what we are planning to do with the brand.Brocken

“So, I will probably release one more songs after this album then one more video and then February 2021 we start again, a programme to release new music,” Sanii told H-Metro. Asked how 2020 has been for him as an artiste, Sanii said: “2020 has been an interesting year, it has got its good side and its bad side.

“The good side of 2020 is that it allowed me as an artiste to work and perfect more of my art, I became a better guitarist because of lockdown so it has been a good year in light with that I have had more time to focus on me without having any disturbances from the outside world.

“It has been bad in the sense that when we wanted to work and do videos the restrictions made it hard so you find out that trying to portray the message you want is hard with all the restrictions in the country and different countries around the world.”

Sani also left a take-home message for the upcoming artistes and advised them to be humble.

“For upcoming artistes, I would just say work on your craft, work on yourself, do not burn down bridges on your way up because you are going to need to use those bridges when things do not work out the way you want them to.

“Be humble, respect your elders, people who are still in the industry today did not stay in the industry by fluke, there is something that they were doing correctly and it is something that you need to pick on, learn and maybe even do better for your own career,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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