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Boity Thulo Surprises Mother With Birthday Party

Boity Thulo

Boity Thulo has managed to surprise her mother with another birthday surprise that surprised her mother, and touched the rest of us leaving us mother-and-daughter goals.

The rapper turned reality star, and soon to be a fragrance owning queen shared how she spent her Saturday on social media. And instead of painting the town red, the star spent the day at home with family and friends. Why? Boity had organized a surprise birthday celebration for her mother, Modiehi Thulo’s 50th birthday.

Modiehi Thulo

The BET’s “Boity Own Your Throne” co-star and one of the most popular mothers to a celebrity actually celebrated her birthday this past week. On her actual birthday, Boity that has always raved about her relationship with her mother had taken to social media to shower her mother with love by writing:

“Happy birthday to my Queen! September has always been my harvest season and it’s deeply rooted in it being my mom’s birth month! Thank you for teaching me courage, independence, hard work, love, patience and perseverance. Most importantly, thank you for leading me by example. I love you dearly and I can’t wait to celebrate you today!

But it turns out that “Mod” did not receive birthday wishes from her most cherished ones on her actual birthday. In Boity’s live stories sharing details of the birthday celebration, a surprised Modiehi first drags her family and friends for not wishing her a happy birthday on her auspicious day, believing that they do not care about. But it turns out that they were just waiting for the surprise party to shower her with love.

The birthday celebration has put Boity in a good mood. The personality later took to Twitter to share how much she is at peace, despite everything. Boity let us know that her focus is her family and making sure that they are taken care off. The tweet made it clear that despite her recent trending tactics, that she is happy and focused on things and people that cultivate that feeling rather than focus on the hate.

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