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Hopewell Chin’ono reveals more: Chikurubi food is served in front of raw sewage


Hopewell Chin’ono reveals more: Chikurubi food is served in front of raw sewage. Hopewell Chinóno who was in custody for 45 days spoke to the publication and detailed terrible stories of how prison authorities are ill-treating inmates at the prison and the inhumane state of the prison he was detained at.

The food at Chikurubi Maximum Prison is reportedly served in a courtyard that has raw sewage flowing according to journalist Hopewell Chinóno, The Guardian reports. Speaking to the publication Chinóno said:

When you get out in the morning, food is served in the courtyard which has raw sewage flowing. Prisoners will just get their food and eat because there is no other option Prisoners didn’t have masks, except for a few that had gone to the court. When prisoners fall sick and the diagnosis is Covid-19, there is no medication, they are simply isolated and given hot water to drink

We were living in a cell that was meant for 16 people and we were about 42 people. That is the nature of Chikurubi. It is supposed to house 1,360 prisoners, it houses over 2,000. There is no running water.

We were over 50 in that cell. At times it could go up to 100. People sleep like sardines, packed. It was really horrible. It is a haven for diseases. For 17 hours we were sleeping in this cell and there was no running water. There is only one toilet, which is in the corner. People don’t use it because there is no water to flush.

Some of the prison officers are very rude, they treat prisoners badly. Prisoners are beaten up for any small misdemeanour. I saw it and it was really bad. Some are beaten up to a point that they cannot even walk.

Chinóno who is out on bail was arrested on charges of inciting public violence together with Transform Zimbabwe President Jacob Ngarivhume who also spent over 30 days at Chikuribi Prison on the same charges.

Source – Pindula News

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