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VP General Chiwenga caught offside

Vice President Constantino Chiwenga

VP General Chiwenga caught offside. Godfrey Gandawa the former Deputy Minister of Higher and Tertiary Education says the, “Chiwenga betrayed his political motives by specifically mentioning by-elections.

Vice President in charge of the Ministry of Health and Child Care Constantino Chiwenga’s banning of elections has been interpreted as a political decision and not a COVID -19 related decision.

The Health ministry only needed to lay down general regulations on gatherings, leaving ZEC to reach its own determination as to whether it could conduct elections under those broad regulations.”

Gandawa said the Health Minister should have issued non-discriminatory guidelines applying to all human activity instead of maliciously targeting elections. “Assuming the Sport ministry wants to hold an event, of any nature, will Chiwenga issue another statutory instrument to stop them?

“ZEC is supposedly an independent institution and should have the latitude to determine whether or not it can hold an election while abiding by health regulations. Government, confirming widely held views, is interfering with ZEC because it is angling for a political outcome.”

Source – Bulawayo24

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