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Tatelicious drugs and r@pes new bae

Queen Tatelicious

Tatelicious drugs and r@pes new bae. This was said by her new fling a Gambian guy who goes by the name of Sulayman Ceesay. He posted this on his Facebook page. Below is the whole story.

The Gambian boy who had a fling with a Zimbabwean transgender woman claimed he was “drugged and r@pe” and filed a police report in Sweden, Gambian has learned. Sulayman Ceesay went viral after a Facebook live video showed him making out with Zimbabwean transgender woman Tatelicious Karigambe-Sandberg.

The reality star who was born a man, Tanyaradzwa Tatenda Karigamombe but self-identified as a woman was heard in the video telling her Gambian lover “darling you know I am HIV positive and I was born a man and I’m now a transgender woman, won’t your family be worried about you being in love with someone with HIV? Won’t they refuse me to be their in-law?Tatelicious and bae

I don’t want to lose you … some people are enemies of progress.” The Gambian boy, who kept smiling bashfully throughout the Facebook live video, said their relationship was “not a problem for his family” and told people opposed to them “to go fuck yourselves”.

Source – Celebrity News

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