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MDC A VP Ncube hints on violence: If things continue like this

Welshman Ncube

MDC A VP Ncube hints on violence: If things continue like this. He made the remarks during an interview with the Daily News during which he claimed that ZANU PF was blocking dialogue which South Africa was expected to facilitate. MDC Alliance Vice President, Welshman Ncube, has warned that the political impasse between the ruling ZANU PF and the opposition is likely to trigger violence if it continues unabated.

Ncube speaks after special envoys by South African President Cyril Ramaphosa and ruling ANC envoys came to Zimbabwe and met with ZANU PF only and returned without meeting other stakeholders in the country. Their visits were preceded by widespread reports of gross human rights violation in which the state was implicated as the perpetrator.

Ncube believes that ZANU PF is in denial of the existence of socio-economic and political crises bedevilling the country. Ncube said: Zanu PF is behaving like a drug addict in denial. Until a drug addict accepts that he has a problem no one can help him.

We are aware that in their pitch to the ANC, they (Zanu PF) admitted that there was a problem, but that it was economic and engendered by sanctions. That is nonsensical of course. The MDC has for years rightly resisted the temptation to resort to violent means to settle the country’s political question.

However, if things continue like this, eventually the country will get to a point where some people will conclude that peaceful resolution to the country’s problems is not possible. He warned that the disgruntled masses, especially the youths, will end up revolting against the government if the crises are not resolved.

Zimbabwe has since the past 24 months been moving on a downward trend which the opposition and some analysts attribute to ZANU PF’s mismanagement of state resources.  The government says the suffering was expected after the implementation of painful austerity measures which the Finance Minister Mthuli Ncube says is bearing intend fruits.

Source – Pindula News

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