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Pokello’s 21-year-old sister strikes again

Stephanie _Netty

Pokello’s 21-year-old sister strikes again. yes, she has struck again. The 21-year-old is serving saucy pictures that will leave you begging for more. She is Pokello’s sibling and is proving that to surely runs in the family. These girls are just stunning. Check out her new pictures below…

As you know Pokello only mingles with the best as she is one of the best in the country. The self-made and one of the most beautiful women in Zimbabwe has class and taste in everything she does.

know it’s a lot on your mind but I need your focus now

Given the title of the best woman who bathes and there is no disputing about that, She lives up to it. She mingles with the best and she is the one who made us know the likes of fellow Instagramer hotties Lolosklet, Pam Pam just to mention a few.

Bad b!tch, yea he got a fetish

Now she has introduced us to her sister Stephanie Netty and oh my she is flames. There is no doubt that she is definitely Pokello’s blood.

Stephanie N
he get giddy when he get near me #PokelloPinkBottoms

Source – MbareTimes

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