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Hubby catches wife cheating with son-in-law – Video


Furious uncle takes the law in his own hands after catching his son-in-law cheating with his wife.

Cheating laws are different in every country but we all know about mob justice. In the video, a man is angry and is seen beating up is in law as he continues to scream “ndashaisha” meaning I was wrong.

The guy admitted he was wrong but that did not stop the uncle from beating him up. The cheating wife is seen sitting in the corner, with no much to say just screaming here and there. While it might be common to have insecurities it is rare in Zimbabwe for in-laws to be caught cheating.

Things are changing a lot in Zimbabwe’s cultural beliefs where it used to be considered disrespectful just to see your inlaws but now with technology growing and the world-changing, someone inlaws now stay with their own children’s husbands.

While this might not be the reason to cheat others take pleasure in doing the unthinkable. The angry husband is seen picking up a panty on the floor and turning to beat his wife in anger.

Personally, I would blame them from taking the family in but with hardships in Zimbabwe’s economy, a lot of people now rely on each other to put food on the table and cut on rentals.

Listening to the audio on this video this might have happened in the Manicaland province but it could be anywhere. Some of the scenes on this video are graphic.

Cheating is not a good thing, let’s try to avoid doing things like this and also mob justice is not good for you. Laws are there to punish those who are wrong, do not take matters in your own hands rather report to the police and let the law do their job.

Watch the video here

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Another s.e.xual video of students dancing in class goes viral.  The things these students have done over a short period of time they have been back at school is astonishing and water-mouthless at the same time.

It seems things are going out of hand at schools and if the authorities don’t act up quickly more students will get pregnant at an alarming rate. The things these students are now doing is on another level.


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Source – MbareTimes