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Mupedzanhamo flea market remains closed


Mupedzanhamo flea market remains closed. Muguti made the remarks during a development plan meeting in the capital. “My wish is not for us to be architects of informalities but architects of formalities. “I am not a fan of Mupedzanhamo. I am not a fan of an industry that has destroyed another industry, and I like economic development opportunities that foster growth, not that disable a formal economy.

Mupedzanhamo business hub will remain closed until local authorities have come up with substantive development plans, Harare Provincial Coordinator Tafadzwa Muguti has said.  “Yes mabhero, there was a time people didn’t see the impact, we cannot be the largest producers of fine quality cotton in the world and yet we have a thriving textile industry.

“So I would rather have express, number one stores, others open and create jobs that feed into the economy rather than having people who are smuggling second-hand clothes and as a municipality, we aid them with working space.

“So I am challenging your management to come up with what I call Mupedzanhamo smart business hub. “I will be expecting that we conceptualise something that turns this business community into a first world class, be it a shopping centre, be it a place where people are selling clothes, gadgets and we can do far much more than what we have.”

Added Muguti: “What we do not want to see is a disorder where people now politicise Mupedzanhamo, so I have asked the police, President’s department that Mupedzanhamo remains closed until the local authorities working with Government come up with a substantive plan of what we are thinking about in that particular area.

“I am sorry to those of you who might be space barons and those who might have been earning something. “For those of you who might be thriving from mabhero businesses, that business is not in my in development agenda.”

Coordinator Muguti urged residents to be loyal in paying their debts.“You speak about 75 per cent customer satisfaction by 2020, the biggest question is when this margin was done, at what percentage where we sitting at, was it 10, 20. “So for us to say we have achieved 75 per cent; it means we have measured the growth of where we started.

“I want to believe that right now we are operating very low in terms of customer satisfaction and we really need to go out and intervene because I think I am of the people who saw, we are sitting below 10 percent satisfaction.

“Planning should match the economic development. “Right now we are sitting at a debt of 1.8 billion that is owed to the municipality and I would like to assure that we will together, and the Government will do all it can that municipality recovers all the money owed to them by debtors.

“I have asked Dr Chonzi to ask ZETD to meet with me to discuss the possibility of putting some of your debts. Towards electricity meters so that when people are buying electricity they also pay their debt owed to municipalities.”

He added: “It is also one thing for citizens to expect good service delivery at a time not many of them are paying, maybe 25 to 30 percent are title deeds holders who are paying for refuse collection and water for the rest of all residents of Harare and that has to come to an end.

“I am not a believer of people who call themselves stakeholders yet they don’t pay.

“I am not against the idea that mines, car sales, property sales which are generating revenue in foreign currency also extend the same gratuities to municipalities. “I think people have been pushing for a multicurrency regime and the Government has allowed that for economic stability.”

During his presentation, Muguti said construction of the Mbudzi flyover bypass is set to begin soon while all illegal activities around Mbudzi Roundabout should be moved under the urban renewal programme.

Source – H-Metro

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