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They are back again: Prophet Passion jealous of Ginimbi


They are back again: Prophet Passion jealous of Ginimbi. The duo’s recent spat was triggered by Ginimbi’s purchase of a brand new Lamborghini Aventador S Roadster, valued at US$377 544, last week which saw social media users rush to suggest that he had outdone Passion.

Prophet Passion Java’s obsession with Genius ‘Ginimbi’ Kadungure’s life continued over the weekend as the latter hosted a glittering all-white party at his Domboshava house.

Passion took the bait and immediately went into overdrive trying to prove that he is richer than Ginimbi. First he put billboards all over Harare and surrounding areas written, “Saka?” (so what?) which social media users immediately saw as a response to Ginimbi’s acquisition of the Lamborghini as one of the billboards is on the Harare-Domboshava road. Then as Ginimbi’s all-white party approached, Passion became more direct in his attacks.

First he posted a picture with his friend, before captioning it, “(He) was educating me that it’s wise ku driver Bugatti ku America than Lamboghini muma portholes what’s your take ? Inini I said to him #saka”

Passion Java Billboard

Whilst some social media users supported his comment, especially those that would go on to beg for money, a significant number rebuked him for being petty and jealous over Ginimbi.

watsonfungai said, “Mukoma ndonakwira neskiri renyu boo zvekutii but chimbomirai kurwadziwa.”

annah061012 said “Haaa iwe musoro bhangu unobva warwadziwa kudaro kunge munhu wechikadzi godo godo dzorai shanje prophet mati madiii mangwana tikutonanga kuall white again musoro bhangu” And another.Ginimbi

matimbegift75 said, “Twabam vari kurwadziwa hahaha #Ginimbi idhara..” With regards the all-white birthday party that Ginimbi hosted, Passion sent another direct attack. “Last Year around this time as I celebrated my birthday for a month, happy birthday to all born in October and uyo uyo…” he posted on Instagram. Meanwhile, Ginimbi has been holding all-white parties on his birthdays for a decade now.Ginimbi

Passion’s right-hand man popularly known as Boss Lashan was more brutal in a video posted on Passion’s Instagram handle.“Pane vamwe vapfanha vakuda kungofadza vatengi vedoro waiziva. Ndava vanga vakapfeka zveWhite vachinhingirikina makutanga kutotaurisa makufungidzira kuti madziya. Amana Passion siyanai naye anokurenmerai. Zvenyu zvekuti maBill boards ma bill boards kuitasei kwacho? Passion ndiye akatanga kutenga Lambor(ghini) iyi, yenyu yakauya manje manje yamurikuda kutaurisa nayo iyi. Manje pachauya Bugatti muchanyarara kuti zii! Naitwo tuma T-Shirt twma % Rands twamakapfeka makuda kutaurisa natwo imi vapfanha imi! Dzidzirai kunogerwa musoro uko, musataure zvisina basa!” he ranted.

Passion Java Lamborghini vs Ginimbi

Passion also posted a video with four luxury cars and a helicopter and his house in USA in the background. But in all this Ginimbi has refused to respond to top Passion and insists on how he lives his life has nothing to do with Passion. “I am living life the way I have chosen, I have no business competing or fighting against Passion or anyone else.Passion Java

People are free to say whatever they want because social media allows them to do that and that is why you will not see me responding or commenting. “So those spoiling for fights will be very disappointed,” he was quoted as saying last week.

Source – H-Metro

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