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More pics and Vids from Ginimbi’s all-white party



Ronnie D

More pics and Vids from Ginimbi’s all-white party. Truly he is the party king, he just knows how to through a party. Ginimbi has reached another level which many of us will ever dream about. The My guy statement maker is on another level of his own.

So last night was businessman and popular socialite Genius Ginimbi Kadungure‘s birthday and he hosted his usual all-white parties that he always doe and it was a bomb. The ladies came through, the guys also came through and you know how it is when things like this happen.

Strictly by invitation, all the guest came through wearing all white and man and judging from the pictures that are already circulating on social media, people had fun. It was a massive party and it was lit. Check more of the scenes that took place

Enzo Ishall

Enzo Ishal was spotted with the million-dollar boy Muvhimi and friends. Ginimbi’s manager Ms Shally was on point too. Check her out

And here are some of the men who were there present

Zim Celebs at Ginimbi all-white Party

And there is the birthday boy with his gang gang


Making it rain…

Mr birthday boy popping champagne

Source – MbareTimes

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