Mother of a female student who was recorded twerking for a boy at school speaks out: Video

Mother of a female student who was recorded twerking for a boy at school speaks out: Video. The things these students have done over a short period of time they have been back at school is astonishing and water-mouthless at the same time.

Videos and pictures of students doing unspeakable things have trended on social media leaving parents very worried over their children behaviour. A video yesterday of a female student called Maud made waves on social media as she was dancing erot!c dance moves towards her co-student whilst other pupils encouraged them.

In the video, some voices are even heard encouraging the boy to grab Maud’s B00TY as she twerked and wine for him. It so happened that the video ended up in Maud’s mom eyes and she was not happy at all. She was heart-broken and a video of her calling her husband telling him that their daughter was busy doing at school has also gone viral on social media. Below is a video of Maud’s mother on the fone with her husband.

Video of Maud’s mom reporting her to her husband on the fone.

Here is Maud’s video at school dancing to her co-student…

Source – MbareTimes

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