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Olinda Chapel takes Misred head-on – Tabho hedu newe gara hako pasi: Video



Misred vs Olinda

Olinda Chapel takes Misred head-on – Tabho hedu newe gara hako pasi: Video. Misred over the weekend posted a video which if you remember correctly we predicted that it may cause some serious eruptions among other Zimbabweans in the country. Well, if you have forgotten, here is a little jog of your memory.

Well she is back again with another speech and we feel it will cause another war zone with Zimbabweans again. But could she be telling the truth this time around or social media will skin her alive? What’s your take? Check the video below

Now after watching the above speech, fellow celebrity, socialite and businesswoman Olinda Chapel who is based in the UK was not amused at all by the sentiments which Misred said in her speech. She Olinda recorded her own audio going after Misred. Watch the video below

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Pregnant Generations: The Legacy actress Manaka Ranaka aka Lucy not feeling well

Concerned Fans and followers on social media have wished one of Mzansi’s TV stars a quick recovery after she announced she is not feeling well! Earlier on, reported that Generations: The Legacy star Manaka Ranaka who plays Lucy, is expecting, and as a result, she will halt shooting to take a short break while she awaits her bundle of joy.Manaka Ranaka

Yes, that was true it is happening. Also, revealed the man behind Manaka’s pregnancy aka her…Learn More.




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