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Report: VP Chiwenga ally in COVID-19 fraud

Report: VP Chiwenga ally in COVID-19 fraud. John Mangwiro deputises Vice President Constantino Chiwenga who doubles as Health minister. He is also a personal doctor to Chiwenga and is the VPs close ally.

The probe on Health Deputy Minister John Mangwiro over an alleged US$5,6 million COVID-19 tender scam has become a proxy for the factional fights ravaging the ruling Zanu-PF party, with dog fights over who superintends over the investigation.

Chiwenga took over the Health ministry from Obadiah Moyo who was also recently arrested and arraigned before the courts over a US$60 million corruption case which has been dubbed ‘Covidgate’. Zanu-PF insiders said the probe on Mangwiro was a fight within Zanu-PF as the deputy minister was a known Chiwenga ally.

It emerged that Chiwenga initially pushed for Mangwiro’s promotion as a minister following the firing of Moyo over graft charges, but Mnangagwa reportedly refused. It was after Mnangagwa blocked the move that Chiwenga reportedly opted to take over the Health portfolio, where he vowed to “cleanse the ministry of the rot”.

Meanwhile, World Health Organisation secretary-general António Guterres recently told a high-level meeting that corruption, especially on COVID-19-related finances and equipment was “criminal, immoral and the ultimate betrayal of public trust”. He said leaders should be held to account.

“We must work together to stop such thievery and exploitation by clamping down on illicit financial flows and tax havens; tackling the vested interests that benefit from secrecy and corruption, and exercising utmost vigilance over how resources are spent nationally,” Guterres said.

Source – Bulawayo24

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