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Sir Wicknell back to his shopping sprees


Sir Wicknell back to his shopping sprees. The controversial businessman has suddenly disappeared on our radar just like that. We all know him as the man who used to make headlines. He was the kind of man who would not finish 14 days without coming up with something that would grab our attention. But as of now, he has been quite to point that we are actually worried about him.

The man likes to live a celebrity life and it seems from the look of things the lockdown has been limiting him to live his usually kind of life. Remember when he pulled this stunt after he had gone of the radar for some months?

Sir Wicknell back, bu not just back but he is back with a bang too. Sir Wicknell just posted a video on his Instagram explaining how being a celebrity is so tough in Zimbabwe. He says he is trying to keep fit by walking a 12-kilometre walk but he is constantly disturbed with fans we want selfies with him. Wicknell

Now he has struck again and this time he is saying his normal life of flying is back, just for shopping and spending spree trips. The businessman is back in business ladies and gentlemen you better watch out.

Source – MbareTimes

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