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Social distance for who? Here is what happened at Pamereki last night: Pics


Social distance for who? Here is what happened at Pamereki last night: Pics. I foresee the nation going back to level 1 Lockdown if what is happening now continues to happen. People are forgetting about the COVID-19 virus that has taken almost 250 people in the country s far.

You can tell, since the relaxation of lockdown regulations and the re-opening of schools, a lot of people have relaxed on following the rules and regulations of trying to fight this pandemic. You can see from bus queues that people are relaxing, wearing masks, using sanitizers and even maintaining the 1-metre social distancing rule has become a thing of the past.

And as of last night, a popular Warren Park D leisure hotspot Pamereki was full and people were having a blast. You couldn’t tell we are still in lockdown. People were partying and l repeat l foresee disaster aor the President might be forced to bring us to level one. Check the picture below

Mereki leisure hotspot

In related news,

The Harare outdoor leisure spot, popularly known as Mereki (Warren Park D) Community Trust, has taken the city council to court seeking transfer of the stand it operates from into its name. On November 30, 2016 the council released a tax invoice for the full purchase price in the name of the trust in respect of the stand.

Since the conclusion of the contract, the defendant has been sending statements identifying the plaintiff withstand 5153 Warren Park Township.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Alick Macheso rescues Peter Moyo

Alick Macheso rescues Peter Moyo. The crowd dispersed and Peter was left on stage on his own as the engineers tried to solve the problem. It took the intervention of Zimbabwe Red Cross Society Humanitarian Ambassador Alick Macheso to finally solve the problem.Macheso And Peter Moyo

Peter Moyo’s show at Extra Mile on Sunday was almost spoilt by a technical glitch that led to a one and half hour stoppage. Macheso negotiated with…Learn More.