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Lasizwe Dambuza needs a service from someone’s son


It appears there hasn’t really been any action in the bedroom of Youtuber and reality television star Lasizwe. Khanyi Mbau‘s baby brother recently took to his Twitter account to vent about his s.e.xual frustrations. Dambuza first began by saying that he doesn’t really want a serious relationship but something fun you know? However, turns out there is more as he later explained the main reason he wants a situationship.

In a then-deleted tweet, he tweeted that he wants to take someone else’s son on a baecation, he’ll cover all the costs. However, we all know there is nothing for mahala in this world. In turn, Lasizwe just wants to get some in he’ll ensure you are taken care of.

I want to take someone son on all expenses paid vacation you just need arrive and service this engine and enjoy the holiday living soft for a few days. Is it too much to ask for?”, he wrote.

If there are no volunteers Lasizwe doesn’t mind even taking a lady out, just to give her a taste of the celebrity life. “Or once take a hun instead… make her experience the soft life QUEEN TINGZ.” He tweeted.

Some of his fans took to the comment section to express their shock at Lasizwe’s boldness. However, knowing Lasizwe, he could care less about what people have to say about him. Perhaps that’s a trait that has really worked out in his favour.

Before calling it a day on the Twitter streets, he opened up about a situation between a friend of his and his ex. The friend warned Lasizwe about getting with his ex and months later he realized that they were back together. Nonetheless, he is happy that they worked things out.

“Yazi I am remember a friend of mine telling me to stay away from his ex because he is bad news and it will all end in tears! Kanti my friend was just finessing me so he could go back to his ex. They happily in a relationship right now. So happy for them.”

Lasizwe is currently experiencing great success. He is on a new season of his reality show, his Youtube career is flourishing and he is doing a lot of campaigns. One would think that finding love or a partner at this stage of his life would be a problem. We guess money and success doesn’t mean that everything is perfect in one’s life.

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