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Student drinking beer in uniform: Video

Student drinking beer in uniform: Video. Zimbabwe’s school calendar has been hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic which forced the government to close all centres of learning since March.

The second phase of schools reopening today is set to increase the chaos in schools with teachers escalating their labour dispute with the government over poor remuneration. With what happened last time when the final exam classes reopened we couldn’t expect anything different from the second classes.

And it seems they are just following the same suit. The case is being further worsened by the absence of teachers at school as they demand better wages from the government.


Already, pupils in examination classes at public schools have stopped going to school due to the absence of teachers. Early this month, Parliament heard that idle students had turned to s.e.x orgies, drug abuse and stripping after going unsupervised due to the strike.

Watch video below

Source – MbareTimes

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