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Stunning pic of Ruvheneko showing off her cleavage


Stunning pic of Ruvheneko showing off her cleavage. Still in the mood to party and spread her contagious smile, Ruvheneko has posted some pictures at a business seminar with the likes of a fellow journalists the popular pair of Mike Madodha and Barry Munandi. She had some stunning pictures of her taken that we could not resist sharing with you.

Ruvhy with Mike and Berry

Well, the queen is still in the partying mood as she continues to celebrate her birthday. If Happiness was the goal, then this mission is accomplished.


You know those people who just want to see you smile? Keep them. Keep them “close close close.” These are the words of the celebrity who recently enjoyed her birthday as she thanked God for another year added to her life.

Ruvhy and FriendsAs you know we can’t reveal her age as women usually don’t like their age exposed. She was happy and you could tell the vibe was flowing in the room. She and some friends as well as business partners had a good time

Ruvheneko and friend

Source – Mbaretimes

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