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Thigh Vendor dupes fellow workmate

Tatenda Katero

Thigh Vendor dupes fellow workmate. A 33-year-old self-confessed hooker is reported to have disappeared with her fellow hooker’s money and clothes.

Tatenda Ketero of Kuwadzana who used to lure men for s.e.x near Earlside Hotel along Selous Avenue is trending on social media platforms like Mvengemvenge Facebook Group being accused by Sharon Zvenyika popularly known as Hazy Sherz in the hooking industry of disappearing with her money.

Tatenda Katero

Tatenda is further accused of disappearing with unpaid-for clothes delivered to her and Mai Nhumbu’s colour television set worth US$550.

“Ndirikutsvagawo h… iri rakatiza nemari dzevanhu raimbogara paEarlside kumaAvenues pliz kana pane ane ruzivo help anonzi Tatenda Ketero from Goromonzi,” reads the message circulating on social media.

Tatenda confirmed her differences with Sherz saying the posting of the issue on social media was out of jealousy. “I was shocked by my friend’s decision to publish our issues on mvengemvenge and threats to take it to the media,” said Ketero.

“It is true that I had her money but I left Earlside hotel in a hurry since my lover was paying lobola the following day. She was disturbed to hear that my lover was to pay lobola and posting on social media was out of jealousy to force my husband to change his decision of taking me as his wife.

“I confronted her over it and I came to a decision that I will not give her the money anymore because of tarnishing my image. Taitamba maround ema 100 dollars zvechokwadi asi mumwe wangu uyu akarwadziwa asi vamwe ndakavapa mari dzavo iye yake handisikumupa, ” said Ketero.

H-Metro visited Sherz at Earlside Hotel for her version of events. “I am the one who posted the message on social media after Tatenda disappeared with our money we agreed to collect for empowering each other,” said Sherz.

Sharon Zvenyika

“Takawirirana kupanana maround eUS$100 tiri vatatu pasvondo saka iye ndiye akatanga kupihwa kwava kutiza asina kupavamwe. “I used to share a room with her and I am under pressure from fellow hookers and the people who supplied her with fashion clothes and a colour television set.

“She is reported to have relocated from Kuwadzana to Waterfalls and I am being tormented by duped people daily that is why I decided to search for her through social media,” said Sherz.

H-Metro learnt that 13 hookers are accommodated at Earlside Hotel and have turned to foreign currency for their services. A number of hookers have since been convicted of extorting their potential clients and some reported to be engaging in illicit drugs and criminal activities.

Source – H-Metro

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