Magaro ebenzi haana mufaro: Video

Video of woman shacking B00TY goes viral – Magaro ebenzi haana mufaro. This video has caused chaos on social media. The woman in the video is showing why African women are loved by many as they posses great B00TY that drives men crazy all the time.

The kind of dance she was dancing is even nameless. We tried to put it under Boon Betto’s Kudonhedza musika but it could not fit, after watching the video. Place it under Enzo Ishall’s 50 Magate, maybe ut could work but the water was nowhere to be found.

So we just ended up saying it like how it is. Magaro ebenzi haana mufaro. The type of dance this lady is showing us is dangerous, watch video below.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Prophet Passion Java is in town: Pics

Prophet Passion Java is in town: Pics. Mbinga Prophet Passion Java is in Harare and we all know what its all going to be. Whenever he is here fireworks are expected, with all this humorous drama surrounding him and Domboshava based socialite and businessman Ginimbi, its gonna be lit.Prophet Passion

Check the pictures of him as he arrived at the Robert Mugabe International Airport. Their battle for supremacy has been going on and on…Learn More.

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