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#Wcw: Sandra Ndebele strikes again with another split

Sandra Ndebele

#Wcw: Sandra Ndebele strikes again with another split. The Bulawayo diva is back again. Sandy as she is popularly known was on fire at the Zimbabwe Anti-Sanction E-Gala that was held in Bulawayo over the weekend. She showed why she is still the queen when it comes to live performances.Sandra Ndebele

To all those in touch with social media will know why we are happy that she joined in the challenge. She had her pictures go viral last month after she posted them on her Instagram and oh my they caused do much controversy.Sandy

With her pictures have gone viral in what some dubb as her come-back way to the Zimbabwe entertainment industry, Sandy has managed to revive her music career and she is doing it pretty well.Sandra

Her latest performance has left social media in flames and affirming her position back as one of the best female dancers we have in the country a position which has been claimed and kept by raunchy dancer Beverly Sibanda. Check the video below

Source – MbareTimes

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Video of woman shacking B00TY goes viral – Magaro ebenzi haana mufaro. This video has caused chaos on social media. The woman in the video is showing why African women are loved by many as they posses great B00TY that drives men crazy all the time.Dancing Woman

The kind of dance she was dancing is even nameless. We tried to put it under Boon Betto’s Kudonhedza musika but it could not…Learn More.