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White chicks scramble for selfies with Ginimbi: Video


White chicks scramble for selfies with Ginimbi: Video. Ginimbi is fast becoming a real celebrity in the country if the latest video of him is to go by. He is showing he is the real Mbinga as they are calling it in the streets.

There is a video circulating on social media at the moment of Ginimbi being taken selfies with some white ladies who seem happy to meet the young rich man. In the video its not only the white chicks, even the boys also wanted selfies with the socialite and businessman.

Ginimbi’s social status is growing each and every day. Last week he was in Bulawayo just for a meet and greet with fans and he painted the city red with his Ferrari as he continues to upgrade his levels. This was after he had hosted probably the biggest gig of the year. Check the video we talking about below

Source – MbareTimes

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