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Another Moana video crying and confessing that things are not okay for her

Another Moana video crying and confessing that things are not okay for her.  The fitness bunny was one of the 4 who died in Ginimbi’s car accident that took place in the early hours of today. The bunny who was coming from her birthday celebrations that were held at Ginimbi’s night club, The dream.

The accident was a horrible one and she Moana and the other two friends of hers died a painful death as they burnt to death after the car exploded whilst they were trapped inside. Their seat belts ad jammed resulting in them failing to free themselves and eventually burnt alive in the car.

Some few days ago after her death a video of the fitness bunny that has been making rounds as it looks like she knew her death was near flooded social media and we posted it here. Well, it seems she had a lot of videos trying to reach out to people but we the people didn’t pay attention. Check another video as she expressed her desire for help again.

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Chivhu mother kills four kids and burns house – Video

This video making rounds on social media will shock you and leave you in fear. It is said a pregnant woman Emelda Mazarani (29) had an argument with hubby Lameck Brande (43) and she took a knife to cut her 4 kids throat. The four kids were aged nine (9), five (5), three (3) and one (1). All we can see are spectators and the ZRP officers patrolling around the house.Chivhu mother kills four kids

The angry woman from Chivhu is said to have burnt the house down after killing for of her kids. We can see blankets outside and…Learn More.

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