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Chatunga shows off new tattoo of his late father




Chatunga shows off new tattoo of his late father. He was trending yesterday for being nominated as the rightful candidate to fill in Ginimbi’s Mbinga status. Check the information below.

Chatunga Mugabe takes over as the new Mbinga: Pics. This is according to social media who has gazetted the son of the late President Robert Mugabe as the new Mbinga. Chatunga is one of the Mbinga after the death of Ginimbi. Check his latest pictures he posted as he mourned the death of Ginimbi.

Social media has been busy asking who will succeed Ginimbi as the real Mbinga and fill in his shoes he has left. Many said Passion Java who was Ginimbi rival was the only candidate to fill in the shoes.

Speaking on his personal life the controversial boy has paid tribute to his late father the icon former President Robert Mugabe by being tattooed his fathers picture on his body. Check the picture below

Chatunga Tatto

Source – MbareTimes

In other news – Madzibaba Simba sentenced to 15 years in jail

Madzibaba Simba sentenced to 15 years in jail. Madzibaba Simba, real name Simbarashe Mutsindiri, 24, will serve 12 years effective after three years were suspended by magistrate Morgan Nemadire on condition of good behaviour.Madzibaba

A Chitungwiza self-styled prophet Madzibaba Simba has been sentenced to 15 years imprisonment for r@ping a…Learn More.



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