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Chilling gruesome murder in Gwanda

Chilling gruesome murder in Gwanda. The man whose identity is yet to be confirmed was found lying in a pool of blood with multiple stab wounds. Residents in Gwanda yesterday woke up to the sight of a man who was brutally murdered and left outside a house at Senondo suburb in Ward 9.

Residents from the area said they heard the man screaming and calling out for help at around 3AM but they were afraid to intervene out of fear of being attacked. They found his body next to the door of a house belonging to Mr Bernard Sibanda.

Matabeleland South provincial police spokesperson, Chief Inspector Philisani confirmed the incident which occurred during the early hours of the morning. He said investigations were underway.

“I can confirm that we received a report on a murder case which occurred in Senondo area in Gwanda during the early hours of the morning. Investigations are underway,” he said.

Mr Bernard Sibanda said he heard noises of struggling and banging against the wall at around 3AM. He said there were visible marks of struggling on the muddy ground in his yard and his neighbour’s yard.

“It was really terrifying for me to wake up in the morning to find a body lying near my door. I heard the noise as this person was being attacked at around 3AM but I never thought it would get to this extent of me finding him dead at my house. This man was screaming and he called out for help but I was afraid to go out seeing that I might also be attacked.

“He kept pleading with his attackers to spare his life. I also heard a sound like banging against the wall, I think that they were banging his body against the wall. When I woke up in the morning I thought it was just one of the scuffles that occur in the community at night and the people were long gone. There were skid marks on the muddy ground which showed that these assailants dragged this man from my neighbour’s house to mine and there were visible marks of struggling,” he said.

Another resident Mr Norman Dube said the spine-chilling incident had scared him. He said he now felt unsafe with his family as the motive of the assailants was unknown and they could strike again.

Ward 9 Councillor, Thulani Moyo said the incident had left residents terrified and shocked. He said it was disturbing to see a young person die in such a cruel manner.
Clr Moyo said shebeens which were sprouting in his ward and nightclubs which closed late were largely to blame for the increase in violent crimes.

“When we see such a young person die as a result of being stabbed then we become disturbed as a community. There is a need to look into ways of controlling the behaviour of youths which has become wayward as some have become addicted to drugs and alcohol. We also have a problem of shebeens which are sprouting all over and nightclubs that close late,’’ said Clr Moyo.

He said there was a need to establish a Police Base in Phakama area.

Source – Chronicle

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