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Chivhu mother kills four kids and burns house – Video

Chivhu mother kills four kids

This video making rounds on social media will shock you and leave you in fear.

It is said a pregnant woman Emelda Mazarani (29) had an argument with hubby Lameck Brande (43) and she took a knife to cut her 4 kids throat. The four kids were aged nine (9), five (5), three (3) and one (1). All we can see are spectators and the ZRP officers patrolling around the house.

The angry woman from Chivhu is said to have burnt the house down after killing for of her kids. We can see blankets outside and according to spectators two of the kids are wrapped around the blankets.

Two of the kids are said to have burnt inside the house and the husband had to flee the house after wife turned into a monster killing all her kids.

Chivhu kids killed

Killing used to be the scariest thing in Zimbabwe but now hard times are turning people into monsters. This, however, is no reason for anyone to kill their own children especially after giving birth to them.

Chivhu kids killed

This video below will help you understand this story as it is told and it is a strange thing that someone has the ability to kill their own children.

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According to The Morning Post, the family of Genius Kadungurecould be left holding straws amid indication that flamboyant businesswoman Zodwa Mkandla was part owner of the Domboshava mansion.

Sources close to the developments told Zim Morning Post that “Zodwa has already started projecting herself as the surviving spouse, and is firmly in charge.


The mansion that can easily get a slot on MTV crib lies deep beyond the hem of the capital far from the city limits amidst the smell of soot and smoke in the land of Chief Chinhamora in Nyamande Village, Domboshava. learn more

Source – MbareTimes