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Cop dumped for being barren: 11 years no children




Cop dumped for being barren: 11 years no children. Jonathan Muchapambwa on Thursday answered to a protection order application filed by his wife Shamisai Muhomba who has since found alternative accommodation. Muhomba had told the court that Muchapambwa was in the habit of insulting her and threatening to kill her.

A police officer has been abandoned by his wife of 11 years over failure to bear children, leading to a series of domestic disputes. “I have since moved out of his Government accommodation at ZRP Tomlinson Depot because he has been physically abusing me. “I am in crutches and he sometimes uses my walking stick to assault me.

“The last time he attacked me I developed a swollen left eye and I even made a police report at Harare Central police station and the matter is still before the courts,” said Muhomba.

Muchapambwa denied ever laying a finger on his wife saying their only misunderstanding was their failure to have a child. “We have been married for 11 years and we have not conceived a child of our own. “We both have children from our previous marriages and problems started when I asked to bring my children home,” he said.

He told the court that in his 18-years in service he was fully aware of the repercussions against perpetrators of domestic violence. “I have never assaulted her and as a police officer, I have kept a clean record not to perpetrate domestic violence.

“On the day in question, she was the one who attacked me when I had just finished taking my bath. “I tried not to fight back as I wanted to protect her standing because she a social worker,” said Muchapambwa.

He consented to his wife being granted the protection order. “I have no problems if the court grants her the protection order. “She is the one who left me, so it won’t affect me because she opted out,” he said.

Presiding over the hearing, Harare magistrate Meenal Narotam granted the protection order by consent urging the law officer to refrain from physically or emotionally abusing his wife.

Source – H-Metro

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