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ED continues to strengthen his base as he promotes 4 senior army officers

ED continues to strengthen his base as he promotes 4 senior army officers. The four are Brigadier-Generals Godfrey Mutetse, David Nyasha, David Moyo and Charles Mashava. Conferring the new ranks on the quartet, Zimbabwe National Army commander, Lieutenant-General Edzai Chimonyo said the promotion was based on a number of factors.

Commander-in-Chief of the Zimbabwe Defence Forces (ZDF), President Mnangagwa, yesterday promoted four colonels to the rank of Brigadier-General with effect from November 10.

“Your promotion came as a result of a number of considerations among which are merit, distinguished service, consistent dutifulness, hard work, loyalty and patriotism,” he said.

“You are therefore reminded that the promotion to the rank of a brigadier general is a sign of goodwill, trust and confidence that the President and command element have accorded you. In this regard, you are henceforth encouraged to uphold your exemplary leadership principles, professionalism and military expertise that you have acquired over your entire service for the betterment of Zimbabwe.”

Lt-Gen Chimonyo reminded the newly-promoted Brigadier Generals that their promotion came with more responsibilities.

“Promotion to the next rank always comes with an increase and surge in responsibilities thus your promotion marks a turning point and transition from experience, duties and responsibilities of senior officers to those of general officers in the defence forces,” he said

“In this vein, the organisation trusts that by assigning and entrusting you with such prestigious and enviable badges of rank, you shall reciprocate the gesture by thoroughly and professionally performing your given tasks and assignments while responding to the dictates of your new offices.”

He added that the economic situation in the country was poised for an upward trajectory that required patriotic and loyal people. Brig-Gen Moyo expressed gratitude to President Mnangagwa for the promotion.

“We sincerely express gratitude to the President for this promotion. We promise to continue working hard for this great nation,” he said.

Source – The Herald

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