Man commits suicide live on Facebook after being dumped by lover: Video

Man commits suicide live on camera after being dumped by lover: Video. In another tragic accident, a Gweru man drank poison as he committed suicide after he was dumped by lover. The man who we could not identify his name claimed that his lover who she called by the name of blessing dumped him 3 months ago because he had slapped her.

The man tried to live without Blessing for three months but he failed, the reason which forced him to take this decision of drinking poison. Watch the video below, before the video is a message we find on the video as the caption

Depression is real guys, uyu amwa wemakonzo live pa Facebook. To all those people who are always saying ” munhu anoda kuzviuraya haataure” I hope we learn…. Depression is hiding in plain sight in our society and we’ve become too insensitive to even notice…. People are going through the most amana let’s be kind!😔

Source – MbareTimes

Drama at Ginimbi funeral as chairs get stolen, 2 arrested: Vid

Drama at Ginimbi funeral as chairs get stollen, 2 arrested: Vid. A villager has been arrested while another escaped after being caught stealing hired chairs at Genius Kadungure’s father’s homestead where mourners are gathered for Ginimbi’s funeral. An audit (seen on this video) this morning showed 11 missing chairs.

Ginimbi funeral chairs

The late Genius “Ginimbi” Kadungure will be buried at his Domboshava mansion, according to a family spokesman last…Learn More.

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