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Meet the famous ZRP Police band hand rattles player

Kelvin Nyamunda Hosho

Meet the famous ZRP Police band hand rattles player. It is that pencil-slim and jovial hand rattles (hosho) player oozing with confidence each time he is given an opportunity to showcase his stuff. H-Metro Entertainment had an opportunity to interview the hand rattles player Kelvin Nyamunda who opened up about his passion for the shakers.

Whenever the Police Band plays at state functions and other public gatherings, there is one main player who always steals the show with unrivalled skills.

The 30-year-old said he has been playing hosho since childhood and professionally since six years ago. In an interview with H-Metro, Kelvin said: “I started playing hosho in 2014, I grew up in an apostolic church so that is where the urge to play hosho came from.

“Playing the hosho is part of my profession, it is the side that pays the most. “I feel like I am at a happy place when I am playing, I feel at home.” Kelvin said he plays hosho at various events that he gets invited to.

“I usually play at state functions, police functions and also at weddings and parties whenever I get invited. “I am based in Chitungwiza and I am in the Zimbabwe Republic Police Band at Morris Depot,” he said.

He said passion drives him in his career. “What drives me to play also is the passion I have for hosho. “I receive a lot of support from home and people around me. “I am married and my wife supports me a lot,” said Kelvin.

Asked if he has played hosho for any other artistes beside the Police Band, he said: “I have been playing hosho for Amos Mahendere, I have also wanted to play with other artistes but my work does not allow not allow me to be moving around.

“Other upcoming artistes have requested that I play for them too but I am not yet in a position to say out their names. “ZimPraise have also requested that I come play the hosho for them too.”

Source – H-Metro

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