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Minister Larry Mavima recovers from COVID-19

Larry Mavima

Minister Larry Mavima recovers from COVID-19. Mavima spoke to the publication about his recovery and said: I have fully recovered from the virus and this morning I received my results and I am now negative.

Midlands Provincial Affairs Minister Larry Mavima has recovered from COVID-19, The Herald reports. Mavima recently tested negative for the virus according to the publication after he had been in isolation since the turn of the new month when he tested positive for the novel coronavirus.

I would like to thank Government for the support, the doctors who worked hard attending to me and the prayers I got from the loving Zimbabweans during the time I was diagnosed until I recovered.

Mavima warned people to adhere to precautionary and containment measures as he said the disease is real:

The disease is real, we still have the disease in our midst so we need to be very careful and responsible. We need to follow recommended guidelines like putting on our masks properly for Covid 19 has no boundaries, it can attack anyone no matter the position or post in life.

There has been visible laxity in terms of following recommended health procedures and it is worrisome. We need to properly put on our masks, maintain social distancing and always sanitise because no one needs to revert back to the initial lockdown situation but as Zimbabweans, we need to be responsible always

Mavima is one of the top government officials who publicized their COVID-19 diagnosis including Deputy Sports Minister Machakaire among others.

Source – Pindula News

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