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Moana’s father disappears with burial order

Moana funeral

Moana’s father disappears with burial order. Differences between the two parties resulted in the postponement of burial from yesterday to today. The fight over funeral proceedings for the late Michelle “Moana” Amuli continued yesterday as parents disagreed on how burial would be conducted today.

The father, Ishamael Amuli insists on an Islam burial where –among other things-a coffin is not used while the mother Yolanda Kuvawonga is for the traditional Shona way.

Things were tense yesterday afternoon as Amuli disappeared with the burial order while Yolanda was contemplating a High Court order to stop the burial.

Amuli swore that Moana’s body would not be taken to Highfield, describing Yolanda’s home as a place of immorality that ruined his daughter leading to what he called a shameful death.

“I disappeared with the burial order because the meeting came to a decision I personally did not want,” said Amuli. “The body will be taken to a parlour tomorrow (today) and from there it will be taken to our Moslem church where it would go through our religious practices and from there to her resting place at Warren Hills.

“Ku Highfield uko varikuda kunotamba zvinyadzi neshamwari dzavo zvinopesana nechi Moslem that is what I am against,” he said. Another source of differences –according to an Amuli family member only identified as Fatima – was that Moana’s mother had allegedly already started distributing Moana’s clothes.

“On Wednesday, Michy’s mother came putting on the deceased’s dress and this angered the Amuli family because one of the issues that took time during the meeting was to come open over the deceased’s estate and when we would distribute it.Ishmael

“Vatete vavauya navo vasunga kuti mbatya dza Moana dzinosungwa neboth parents and remain in the house until a day to be agreed on when her property would be distributed according to custom.

“They did not want to disclose everything that Moana owned as well as the funds they received from Kadungure family, assistance from Jah Prayzah and that from Nash.

“Vazotaura zve US$500 nhasi nekuti H-Metro yakabudisa kuti vakabvunza mari kuKadungure family ko dzimwe dzavakagamuchira kare? “In accordance to our religion all women will not be allowed to grace the burial of Moana at the cemetery and that is what we are expecting to be done,” said Fatima.

Source – H-Metro

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