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New stunning pics of Tocky Vibes as he celebrates birthday in style

Obey Makamure aka Tocky

New stunning pics of Tocky Vibes as he celebrates birthday in style. Tocky Vibes aka Chamakuvangu is turning a year older today and has already celebrated it in style with a photoshoot that has left many falling for the dancehall chanter. The chanter was in a suit and he was on point, dripping hot sauce. Check the pictures below as we get to know the Mhai hitmaker more on a personal level.

Tocky Vibes is a highly rated artist in the Zimbabwean music arena. He belongs to the fast-growing Zim Dancehall music genre which has won a considerable following, especially from younger Zimbabweans. Tocky Vibes rose to fame with his hit song Amai which was liked by many for its unique lyrical content and this earned him a new name, Dancehall Priest.Tocky Vibes

Tocky Vibes was born Obey Makamure on 29 November 1993 in Rugare Suburb, Harare. He began singing at a very young age where it all seemed like a joke until he released a single called “Tirikumhanya“. He was moved to rural Masvingo where he had to make a living, as things were difficult for him.

He returned to Harare in December 2012 and picked up where he left off, only to find that things were not so easy. Tocky Vibes then moved to Rusape where he found a job as a herd boy, and would later find that the amount of signing gigs increased for him in Harare and he’d travel frequently.Tocky Vibes

Raised in the Rugare suburb of Harare, Tocky’s love for music began when he was still in his teens. It is this love which later on manifested and pushed him into the recording studio. Since then, his unique voice and touching lyrics made his fame to rise.

Tocky started recording music in 2009 and has produced a number of songs in form of singles and albums. Tocky’s lyrics are distinct from those of his fellows due to a commendable and credible level of maturity that he exhibits in his music. He stands as a beacon of light considering the level of maturity in his lyrics.

In most of his songs, he appreciates the role of parenting figures, the importance of fidelity as well as the rewards of working hard. In his song titled “Shanda” Tocky deploys a unique artistic style in which he exhorts himself and other musicians to work hard in the industry despite various setbacks that they encounter. In one of his songs, he also talks about the HIV and AIDS pandemic.Tocky Vibes

It goes without saying that one of the most adored songs, and perhaps his outstanding song in 2014 was “Amai”. The song “Mhai/Amai” (mother) was a dedication to his mother, or loosely to all the mothers, thanking them for their roles in the upbringing of children.

Source – MbareTimes/PindulaNews

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