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Prophet Bushiri’s case takes a weird turn after he was spotted giving a signal: Video



Bushiri and Wife i in court

Prophet Bushiri’s case takes a weird turn. A bizarre conspiracy theory has forced the Justice Department to debunk some damning rumours about the Shepherd Bushiri court case. The Shepherd Bushiri court case took a turn for the weird this week, after a clerk was accused of stealing important files in full-view of TV cameras.

Eagle-eyed viewers of the proceedings in Gauteng spotted a court clerk allegedly taking important documents from the judge’s bench after Pastor Bushiri allegedly gave a signal.

The two video clips have spread like wildfire on social media, leading many to believe that Bushiri who remains behind bars until today at the earliest continues to fight for bail in a R100 million fraud case.

“So, have we stumbled across a judicial conspiracy? That’s not the case at all,” says Justice Department spokesperson Steve Mahlangu.

The ministry has issued a statement yesterday, confirming that all bench notes were safely returned to their rightful places during the end of the court session yesterday.

It’s since been clarified that the file in the video was temporarily given to a journalist, who wanted to read the charge sheet.

Source – Bulawayo24

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