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Prost!tute fined for stealing from client

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Prost!tute fined for stealing from client. Portia Maramba of Stories mine, Mazowe pleaded guilty to the charge. A Mazowe s.e.x worker who stole a client’s mobile phone on the pretext of charging it was fined $3000 last week at Concession magistrates courts.

In her own plea of guilty Maramba who confirmed to be a sex worker said the phone acted as leverage since the complainant had refused to pay for two rounds they had together.

“Your worship l admit the charge but l took the phone as compensation to the two rounds l gave him since he did not pay me,” said Maramba. Prosecutor Moses Kuimba told the court that sometime in October Morgan Bimha hooked Maramba and went to her house.

Upon arriving, Bimha gave Maramba his mobile phone to charge whilst enjoying the pleasantries of the night and he slept over her house.

When he was about to leave he asked for his charged phone but Maramba refused to give him. He left and filed a police report leading to the recovery of his mobile phone and the arrest of the accused.

Source – Bulawayo24

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