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Update: Gringo’s wife speaks, he died a concerned man

Update: Gringo’s wife speaks, he died a concerned man. Gringo succumbed to stomach cancer at Westview Clinic (Zimre Park Unit) on Monday. It has emerged that he felt he was letting his family down and was itching to resume taking care of their welfare once he had recovered.

Departed actor Lazarus “Gringo” Boora died a concerned man ready to return the favour to people that shouldered his illness and problems, a close relative has said. He was at the private hospital for the past six days, thanks to the newly formed Medical and Dental Private Practitioners of Zimbabwe Association under the stewardship of Dr Johannes Marisa.

The association facilitated Gringo’s free treatment for the past week after learning about his condition.

Meanwhile, Gringo’s body will lie in state at House No. 6653 Bvumba Road in Zimre Park tooday.

On Wednesday, he will be taken to his rural home in Rusape. He will be laid to rest on Thursday. Gringo is survived by his widow Netsai and several children.


Gringo Lazarus Boora
Gringo Lazarus Boora and wife

In an interview with H-Metro shortly after Gringo’s death, his widow Netsai Meki said the illness which was first detected as a relapse of tesnel or intestine obstruction kept her husband grounded. “My husband loved his family and a few days prior to his death, he would ask me if he was not a burden in my life.

“He begged me to continue doing the good things for us especially when he got seriously ill. “It was scary but I had to be there for him and family since the day he was taken here in First Farai’s car,” she said.

Netsai said the revered actor was a fighter who wanted to unite his family and friends.  “He always preached the gospel of peace and unity and I don’t remember any day that he was fingered or accused of causing disunity in the family.

“I can’t believe that he is gone and life would never be the same without him since we all relied and looked up to him for our upkeep. “I wish this problem was detected earlier and I think it could have been managed by health experts.

“We are however, grateful for the support we got from Dr Marisa and his people for accommodating me here for the past six days he was admitted here,” she said.

The mother of three said Dr Marisa’s team of doctors had become their last source of hope after they publicly appealed for help without success. “When my husband was admitted here, I was told that this was going to be my new home until he recovers.

“Most of the times I would sleep by his side in that chair close by him on his hospital bed monitoring him since he was in pain. “Another bed was provided for me in the special ward he was admitted but I was committed to him until the time of his death.

“Sadly he passed on today (yesterday) around 9am and it was always my wish for him to win the battle against cancer,” she said. Netsai also opened up on how Gringo handled pressure when incensed.

“I started to stay with him in 2006 but there is no single day that I can say I was forced to sleep outside after a fallout with baba. “When incensed or down, he would leave the place quietly and return in a new mood after visiting relatives or friends for help.

“He was jovial all the time and we never had a time when we fought in the house and what he wanted was love and peace all the time,” she said. Netsai however appealed to well-wishers to assist her to be able to send their children to school.

“I know many people have made pledges to assist Gringo to recover from his illness but he could not win the battle. “As you know, life goes on after the funeral and I will be glad if I can receive the help to send my children to school.

“I know the schools have just opened but I can’t afford to send to see as well as fending for them. “I also want to be empowered so that I can look after the family other than begging from people,” she said.

In another interview, Gringo’s eldest son Taurai described his the late actor as a caring father. “To me, Gringo was more than a father since I was free to share everything with I had in mind with him.

“He wanted unity among his children and family and we will try to embrace some of these teachings. “However, it would not be easy for us to manage without him and it now means we need to improvise to survive,” he said.

He added: “At the moment, I am just grounded at home but I am a talented actor as well. “I’m appealing for a job and I am not selective at the moment considering my situation and the need to look after the family.”

Similar sentiments were echoed by family spokesperson and uncle to the late actor Tendai Chaipa who spoke glowingly about the actor.

“To me Gringo was a unifier and person who wanted things done the right way in the family. “He wanted the truth to be said all the time but death has robbed us of a unifier.

“It is my hope that his children will learn one or a thing from the late actor who preached the gospel of peace all the time,” he said.

In another interview, MDPPZA representative Dr Marisa said it was a great honour attending to Gringo, who unfortunately lost his battle against stomach cancer on Monday.

“A team of doctors from our association did their best to assist Gringo but it was too late since the cancer was now advanced at stage four. “We did our best and we will continue assisting people for free especially those who appeal for help.

“In Gringo’s case, we only learnt in the press of his condition when it was worse but we moved in swiftly and did our best.

“On that note, I would like to thank free laboratory services from Interpathy Laboratories, Diagonal Pathe Laboratories and Dr Chinogurei and his team. “Every day, Gringo was being attended to by a team pf six doctors which means we wanted to do the best for him,” he said.

Source – H-Metro

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