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What happened to Pokello and Jackie Ngarande’s friendship?

What happened to Pokello and Jackie Ngarande’s friendship? Have you seen that of late Pokello and Jackie Ngarande have been distant from each other? These two hot girls in Zimbabwe had been inseparable since we started knowing them and that was ages ago. They used to be everywhere together hosting parties and stuff all of them together.

But as of late they are not keeping in touch that often. We even noticed that at Ginimbi’s funeral, they didn’t even shake hands at least on the public, we not sure if they did behind closed doors. But their relationship has changed since that Mthuli Ncube scandal they have just parted ways.Pokello and Jackie

Even at Pokello’s birthday, Jackie was nowhere to be seen yet in previous birthdays she was actually the one behind all or most of Pokello’s birthdays. Things are just off between them and not even a rocket scientist is needed to recognise it.

Jacke and Pokello

The rift is continuing from the looks of things if we are to go with the scenes from their friend funeral. They both were good friends with the late Genius, at one point they both attended his one party with was hosted in a yacht in South Africa.


Source – MbareTimes

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