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Boastful man brags of having s.e.x with a ZNA soldier’s wife of 21 years




Boastful man brags of having s.e.x with a ZNA soldier’s wife of 21 years. Charles Mawere also wants the High Court to order DNA tests for his children as he no longer believes he is the father, especially of a minor born last year. In summons filed at the High Court, Mawere alleges that Lazarous Meke is the reason why his marriage to Nyembesi Matangigwa has broken down.

Member of the Zimbabwe National Army is demanding US$15 000 in damages from a man he is accusing of destroying his marriage to his wife of 21 years. Mawere and Matangigwa first met in October 1996 and three years later they were married in a traditional ceremony.

The couple had their first daughter in 2002 before relocating from the rural areas to Chitungwiza. Over the course of the years, they had three other children, two girls and a boy born in 2019.

In 2017, Mawere alleges that he was introduced to Meke as the boyfriend of Matangigwa’s sister in order not to raise any suspicion of their affair. The soldier contends that this was a ploy designed to cuckold him since Meke and Matangigwa were actually lovers.

Even when Meke’s “girlfriend”, who is Matangigwa’s sister moved to Beitbridge in 2018, the former continued to visit Mawere’s home without raising any suspicions.

Due to the nature of his work in the military, Mawere would spend some considerable days on duty away from home and this gave Meke and Matangigwa plenty of time to continue with their illicit affair.

“Towards the end of 2018, the sister to the plaintiff’s wife then moved to Beitbridge. “Nevertheless, the defendant continued to visit the plaintiff’s house in his absence in furtherance of illicit s.e.xual relation with the plaintiff’s wife.

“By then the plaintiff’s wife was already pregnant…..,” reads the summons. In June, Matangigwa reportedly declared that she wanted some space and left her matrimonial home.

This is when Mawere finally discovered that his wife was having an affair after Meke sent a truck to collect Matangigwa, her belongings and the children.

Matangigwa then moved in with Meke and have been living together ever since. Mawere also alleges that Meke has been insulting him that he was less of a man and that Matangigwa was a pr0stitute and as such he had done nothing wrong by intruding into their marriage.

“The defendant knowingly and wrongfully intruded and ruined the plaintiff’s happy marriage, engaged in unprotected s.e.xual intercourse with the plaintiff’s wife.

“Further the defendant acting maliciously and with improper motive incited and prompted the plaintiff’s wife together with the children to leave him, and up to this present day he is harbouring her and the children,” the soldier said in his summons.

Mawere is demanding US$10 000 in damages for “loss of consortium” and US$5 000 for inciting his wife and children to leave him.

Source – MyZimbabweNews

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