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Drama as nephew flaunts privates to aunt


Drama as nephew flaunts privates to aunt. Miriam Chisvo made the revelation at the magistrate’s court where she narrated the harassment perpetrated by her late sister’s son Michael Chinamano. A Harare woman on Monday made sensational claims that her nephew has flaunted his manh00d in her face several times.

Chisvo was seeking protection from the courts. She told the court that Chinamano was also forcing her out of a property left behind by her late parents.

“He is my late sister’s son and he is making me suffer for inheriting my parents’ property. “Whenever he gets drunk he pulls down his pants and flaunts his manh00d in my face, I don’t know his intentions anymore,” Chisvo claimed.

She added that; “He has been threatening to burn me in the house and sometimes locks the house as early as 5 am when he lives for work. “I no longer feel safe in my home, sometimes he tempers with electric cables so that I get electric shocks.

“He buys a special beer that he drinks with friends every day after work when he gets drunk he insults me and calls me all sorts of names,” she said. Chisvo claimed her nephew forcibly occupied their kitchen which he has turned into a bedroom and always locks every day at 5 am.

Chinamano counterclaimed that his aunt was making up stories because of an existing rift between them. “All she is saying is made up, there is no truth in it except that we both sometimes insult each other.

“We have been having problems ever since my mother’s death, she no longer wants me at the house and she is doing everything to achieve that. “She has already caused a rift between me and my sisters and restricted a grown man like me and my belongings in a small kitchen,” said Chinamano.

However, Chinamano later consented to the granting of protection against him.  Presiding over the matter, magistrate Meenal Narotum granted the application by consent refraining Chinamano from verbally, physically or threatening to harass his aunt.

Source – H-Metro

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