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Jay Israel’s plot to expose Prophet Makandiwa’s s.e.x shenanigans sucks in Uebert Angel

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Jay Israel’s plot to expose Prophet Makandiwa’s s.e.x shenanigans sucks in Uebert Angel. The plot has since sucked in Uebert “Angel” Mudzanire, whom Israel alleges masterminded the plot working with Mashangwa who has been in the news fighting Makandiwa over reimbursement of tithes she allegedly paid to UFIC.

A leaked video has exposed Spirit Life Church in South Africa founder, Jay Israel’s plan to blackmail Prophet Emmanuel Makandiwa by concocting a lie that businesswoman Blessing Mashangwa was the United Family International Church (UFIC) leader’s second wife.

While the plot, as Israel exposed, was to extort money from the UFIC founder, has also shown a deep-seated religious war between Makandiwa and Angel, his erstwhile “spiritual” brother.

In a video recorded on November 19 this year, at around 2300 hours, the two rehearsed how Mashangwa would appear on Israel’s live broadcast scheduled for December 5 and claim that she was Makandiwa’s second wife.

The video was recorded at a time Israel was advertising a sermon in which he planned to “unmask” Makandiwa, which however did not materialise after Mashangwa failed to turn up.

This was after the video, suspected to have been recorded by Mashangwa’s domestic workers was leaked to one Evidence Chari, a UFIC follower. In the same video they freely discussed that the whole thing was a scam to extort money from Makandiwa.

Mashangwa swore in the video that she never dated Makandiwa and confessed that “he doesn’t have girlfriends”. She even retorted that she didn’t “understand what type of a person Prophet Makandiwa is” hence they had to “tread carefully”.

Convinced with their rehearsals, Israel remarked: “We have made money,” to which Mashangwa giggles.

“He will panic the moment he hears you are on air,” Israel added, claiming he intended to deal with Makandiwa the way he dealt with Alleluia Ministries International and its senior pastor Alf Lukau, a Congolese prophet based in South Africa. It is unclear what Israel did to Lukau.

After the expose, Israel aborted his live broadcast and later claimed Mashangwa was working with Angel to smear Makandiwa in a live broadcast last Sunday. He said it was evident that Angel and Mashangwa were working together to blackmail Makandiwa.

He played recordings of calls made between him and Angel where the Spirit Embassy boss said Makandiwa had seven girlfriends.

Mashangwa on Tuesday also went live and claimed she had been dating Israel a few months after she divorced from husband, Upenyu Mashangwa, who she worked with in several court cases challenging Makandiwa’s prophecies.

UFIC spokesperson Pastor Prime Kufa said: “Although we knew Prophet Angel’s sinister agenda against our Father, we are shocked he would go this far into the gutter all because of brotherly jealousy.

“It’s more painful considering what our Father did for him when he started his ministry here in Zimbabwe. However, our gospel stands on the truth and, as usual, the truth sets us free.” Angel was not picking calls.

Source – MyZimbabwenews

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