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New lockdown regulations: Gatherings limit revised to 100

Monica Mutsvangwa

New lockdown regulations: Gatherings limit revised to 100. Announcing the changes after yesterday’s Cabinet meeting, Information, Publicity and Broadcasting Services Minister Monica Mutsvangwa said there had been confusion among the public over just how many people were allowed to attend gatherings, with different maximums set for different types.

The maximum limit at any gathering, regardless of what it is for, has now been set at 100, and restaurants can now stay open until 8 pm, as Government continues to open society and the economy while maintaining the guard against the Covid-19 threat.

To simplify the system Cabinet had agreed to set the maximum at 100, regardless of what the gathering was for. This was the maximum for some types of gathering, while others had been kept at a lower limit. Other existing public health regulations make it clear that public health regulations have to be followed at all gatherings, regardless of how many people attend.

The new limits should help people avoid violations at weddings and church services in particular. Restaurants had to close at 6.30 pm until the latest easing.

Source – The Herald

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