Poptain strikes again parties with Tetena Amount

Poptain strikes again parties with Tetena Amount. Poptain of “Fadza Mutengi” fame, is today dropping a new video for the single “Tetena Amount”, which he describes as a party song. Zimdancehall rising musician Poptain (real name Ameen Jaleel Yaseen) has explained his new dance moves that are trending amongst his fans.

The video, directed by Bezeleel Mhako and produced by Leekay, was shot at different locations in Borrowdale and Mbare.

“I am a shy person, but when I am before the camera, I go by the instructions,” he said. “The dance moves which have gone viral are part of the video which we have been promoting for past weeks.

“I decided to drop the video now as the song is a party song. I wanted people to understand it better and follow the dance moves while singing along. I call the dance move ‘party moves’ but my wife said they are ‘mirror moves’ because they originated from dancing while looking and admiring myself in the mirror.”

Poptain said he featured musician Anita Jackson and some of Jibilika’s dance crew. “I am good friends with Anita and we have been doing shows together for a long time,” he said. “She features as a video vixen on the video and I engaged some girls from the Jibilika dance crew.

“This is a Christmas jingle where I am just highlighting to people that now this is the time to spend your the money that you have been saving all along- go on holiday or even host a party. I wrote the song months back after the ‘Fadza Mutengi’ hit. It is not a reply to the song, but a different feel.”

Poptain said he is inspired by colour when it comes to music videos. “If you trace all my videos, I have mastered that when you want it to pop out there should be a colourful set,” he said. “I tried to mix the colours on the new video, in fact that is my theme unless things change.”

Commenting on the album, Poptain said he will release it early next year, though he already has about seven singles that he has completed.

Source – The Herald

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