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The Mtukudzi family visits Mai Moana

Mai Moana and the Mtukudzis

The Mtukudzi family visits Mai Moana. There was joy in Highfield as the Mtukudzi first family visited the now popular Yolander Kuvaoga who is fitness bunny Moana’s mother. The mother was embroiled in a burial drama with co-parent Ishmael Amuli who is Moana’s father. The two had a disagreement on how they wanted to bury the socialite/video vixen babe.

With Mai Moana wanting a public burial whilst the father a Muslim wanted a private Moslem burial. The case was then taken to court where the latter won. He buried his daughter in the Muslim way. They have since reconciled and bury the hatred and all the drama behind.

Yolander was a happy soul after the Mtukudzi sisters Selma and Samantha paid her a visit. Check the pictures below


“‘Varume kutsva kwendebvu tinodzimurana ” in the late Dr Oliver Mtukudzi voice!!!!!!
Mtukudzi Family

The Mtukudzi first family visits the late Moana’s homestead in Highfield to pay their last respects. Gone but not forgotten #inLovingmemoryofMitchellAmuliMoana.

Source – MbareTimes

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